Download the 2022 latest version of YO Mod WhatsApp APK

YO WhatsApp MOD

YO WhatsApp MOD or WA+ is already very popular and has more than 5,000,000 users. You know that most users have switched from Whatsapp to WhatsApp +. The reason is obvious, because WhatsApp + offers even more powerful features than the original Whatsapp.

Download the 2022 latest version of YO Mod WhatsApp APK

latest version of YO WhatsApp 2022

You can download the latest version of YO WhatsApp 2022 for free on Android. not only that, the app has a great feature that allows you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts from one phone. This is the most popular feature that most WA+ users like.

Personally, I have been using YO Whatsapp for a long time and it has served me well. I use the app to hide the blue tick, use multiple WhatsApp accounts and delete sent messages.

As part of the design, the module has great features not usually found in the official Whatsapp app. You can get your friends involved with these great Whatsapp+ features.

If you search online, you will find many Whatsapp modules available. The reason for choosing WhatsApp+ is simple. This application is very popular because it has new and interesting features.

Now, the question that comes to mind is: Is Whatsapp secure? The answer is yes, it is completely safe to install on Android. Let me explain why I say this. Regardless of the official WhatsApp security features, the security of WA+ remains the same. It is completely safe for use on Android phones.

The application is only available for Android users. iOS users can't use it because one of the developers of Whatsapp+ didn't develop it for iOS users. But don't worry, you can try YO Whatsapp for iPhone, which offers the same functionality.

Here are some of the most important features of the latest version of YO WhatsApp: auto-reply, message schedule, online status hiding, distraction-free mode, etc.

You will receive updates for this application according to the official WhatsApp updates, which means that whenever WhatsApp releases a new update, you will get the updated version of this application on this page.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to add this article to your bookmarks. It will help you to get updates about YO WhatsApp. Below we have described all the features of this application.


Improve privacy with lock

After hearing all this, you will be glad to know that YOWhatsApp is a privacy rich Android app that takes care of the privacy of all your messages and media. Here, you can also lock your chats and hide them from the list of messages using the pin lock feature.

In addition to media sharing restrictions

You should be aware of this drawback of the official WhatsApp app, which sets a 16MB media sharing limit, which you can exceed when using the YOWA app. This change allows you to share more than 30 images and videos at a time, up to a maximum size of 700MB.

Enjoy free personalization

Are you tired of using the same white and green WhatsApp app interface and want to update it? If so, you should download YOWA APK, because this MOD version will allow you to use hundreds of themes from the Theme Store as well as multiple font styles.

Fixed the problem of having more than three contacts at the same time.

Fixed shortcut to highlight the last or most important message at the top of the screen for easy access to all messages If you use the official WhatsApp app, you can only add 3 chats, while YOWhatsApp can add 100 chats at once! Sounds great.

Recover deleted messages

WhatsApp's message deletion update has angered billions of instant messaging followers, as senders can now delete messages before the recipient sees them. However, you don't have to worry about this inconvenience because YOWhatsApp offers free recovery of deleted messages.

More Emogi options for more fun

Did you know there are more emoji styles than you use? You must have been shocked by the emojis your friends sent you and then you asked this question. So stop asking for these things and just use YOWhatsApp. this customization will allow you to get a huge collection of emojis for free.

More Features

Messages against deletion

Gone are the days of thinking about the old white and green faces and those polka dots on the WhatsApp interface. Just download YOWhatsApp and enjoy hundreds of amazing theme customization features. These themes will enrich your entire messaging experience with chat wallpapers, backgrounds, bubbles and fonts.

Unlock Transfer Tabs

Deleting messages is an ancient chore that will no longer be used when interacting with YOWhatsApp. This mod provides you with an anti-deletion mod that prevents the sender from deleting a message you have sent, even if it only happens a second after you send it. Surprise all your friends today with YOWA APK.

Hide Last Viewed Messages

YOWhatsApp is a privacy-rich Android instant messaging application that lets you hide last viewed messages from your entire contact list. You don't need to select these people because YO WhatsApp will automatically enable it for all your contacts.

Hide double hooks

So, after hiding the last, you can also hide the blue tick from your friends, preventing them from knowing that you have seen the last message they sent you until you want to reply, always after you have seen the full message.

Many themes

Gone are the days when you thought that WhatsApp's interface with white and green faces with those dots was a must-have. Just download the YOWhatsApp APK and enjoy customizing hundreds of amazing themes. These themes will enrich your entire messaging experience with chat wallpapers, backgrounds, bubbles and fonts.

Create your own themes

YOWhatsApp is a fully customizable WhatsApp MOD that lets you seamlessly customize the entire interface including fonts, bubble images, headers, footers, chat language, underline colors for selected tabs, message bar, image animations and background colors. Become the creator of your own WhatsApp interface.

Hide media from the gallery

WhatsApp media files are all the image and video files that your friends send you. Using YOWhatsApp APK will allow you to hide all these files from the gallery without having to install a third party media hiding application. Isn't that convenient?

"Do Not Disturb" mode, please do not disturb

In addition to all the features mentioned above, YOWhatsApp also offers "Do Not Disturb" mode. This is a simple WhatsApp MOD that helps you in between some critical work or meditation and don't want to be disturbed by messages in your inbox. Just turn on the DND feature and all messages will be immediately muted.

Disable the video calling feature

This is an additional feature that is not available in the official WhatsApp app. You are on the right track. YOWhatsApp allows you to disable the WhatsApp video calling feature. You can now stop making video calls to your WhatsApp number without anyone knowing about it. Download it as soon as possible.

Set your WhatsApp password

You will be surprised to find that YOWhatsApp APK includes an app lock extension. Now you don't need a third party app to lock the WhatsApp app as you can simply download YOWhatsApp to your smartphone and seal it with an in-app key.